Indian Telecast Network, DOORDARSHAN is the world's largest Terrestrial Network, covering cities & villages through out the nation.
About Us

The rich and multi hued culture of Uttar Pradesh was first beamed by Doordarshan on 27th November 1975 with the shehnai recitation of Ustad Bismillah Khan from an interim set up at 22-Ashok Marg Lucknow which is presently serving as Doordarshan Training Institute(DTI). From 15th August 1982 colour transmission service of DD National started echoing national motto of education, information and entertainment for Doordarshan in all its splendour. The 38 years of journey added another colour in rainbow with its introduction on 24x7 Sattellite channel w.e.f. 16 August 2013.

In the year 1987 during Cricket World (Reliance Cup), OB Van equipped with 4 colour camera chain, recording equipments, portable microwave link and in the year of 1989 EFP VAN with three colour camera chain and recording setup for outdoor telecast entered in DD Lucknow’s foyer and strengthen our transmission.

In further advancement phase UP Regional Service telecast with uplinking facility from studio/Earth Station started in January 1998 on INSAT-2B later this service migrated to INSAT-4B.Presently Play box server is being used for 24 hours transmission from earth station.

DD National as well as Studio programme is being transmitted from 10 KW-TV transmitter installed at Hardoi Road through Studio Transmitter Microwave Link. For improved coverage, crystal clear picture and sound reception, DD Lucknow has started Digital terrestrial transmission (DTT) which is a transition in broadcast technology from analogue to digital signal. Experimentally, this is providing 5 channels using yagi antenna and set top box from 06:00 hrs to 24:00 hrs.These five channels can also be watched on mobile phone through dongal or Wi-Fi router(via DIGIDARSHAN –DVB-T2) mobile App.

In the beginning, only the development programmes were telecast but later on to enlighten the viewers as per their needs, programmes “Bole U.P.” “Hello DD”, “Aapka Swasthya”, LIVE Phone in Krishi Darshan, an hour live show “Pariwar Samay”, Health & Hygiene programme “Swachch Bharat” , public Participation Programme “DD U.P. Aapke Saath” and live discussion on Current topics, have been started with a view to make transmission more and more interactive.

Lucknow Doordarshan produced some of the best programmes in the country as "BIBI NATIYON WALI", "NEEM KA PED" , first animation programme "HATIM TAI" and first 3D animated programme “Vigyan Se Dhyaan” which also got place on National hook up.

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