Indian Telecast Network, DOORDARSHAN is the world's largest Terrestrial Network, covering cities & villages through out the nation.
S.No. Milestones Telecast Date
1 First play produced and by the Kendra entitled ‘SAVA SER GEHOON’ based on the story by MUNSHI Prem Chand. 1976
2 The very first Telefilm produce by this Kendra for rural Audience ‘CHAKRAPUR KA CHAKRADHAR’ (Ek Gaon ki Kahani) and for general audience: KATAV’. 1976
3 The first documentary produce by the Kendra entitled ‘RAZA LIBRARY-ELMO-DANISH KA MARKAZ’. 1977
4 Foremost humorous series of this Kendra titled ‘BANDHU JEE’. 1978
5 The first and foremost puppet serial produced and aired by this Kendra entitled ‘AKKAR-BAKKAR’. 1980
6 First Lucknow Doordarshan serial on ‘National Hook-up’ ‘BIBI NATIYON WALI’. 1984
7 Telecast of first sponsored serial by the Kendra entitled ‘NEEM KA PED’. 1991
8 Foremost graphic based Tv serial entitled ‘HATIM TAI’. 1992
9 Election analysis of U.P. Assembly pool 1996 by this Kendra and that too for the first time in Doordarshan history. 1996
10 Smooth coverage & telecast ‘KUMBH MELA’ simultaneously form Lucknow, Allahabad and New Delhi. It is worth mentioning that each days coverage’s made in ‘Film Mode’ as such-u-matic facilities were not introduced in Doordarshan till then. 1997
11 Live telecast of Sri Krishna Janam-Ashthami celebration at Mathura. 1997
12 Coverage of ‘Maha Kumbh’ 98 at Haridwar,the last of this century. 1998
13 Coverage of Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Twenty-20 Cricket match at Amethi. 2009
14 Under katha Sarita project Kendra organized exhibition of Telefilms before invited audience and eminent film personalities & Litterateurs. 2009
15 A grand painting competition सृजन शुभ कामना पत्र बनाओं प्रतियोगिता organized at Kendra in which thousands of children participated and Honourable Governor of U.P. Shri B.L. Joshi also spent their valuable time amongst them and conferred award to them too. 2009
16 To sensitize Kalyani Club coordinators 2 days work shop-cum training programme has been organized at Hotel Deep palace. 2009
17 A special documentary entitled “श्थार से तराई तक“ was beamed depicting life style of Tharoo Tribals 2010
18 To promote folk –lore and strengthen bond with the viewer’s of Bundelkhand, Cultural fair entitld ‘ललित रंग’ organized at Lalitpur. 2011
19 All India Mushaira was organized on 1st June ’12 at Ravindralay’ Lucknow . 2012
20 A Film based programme titled “Dil Kagaz Pe-Chitrahaar “ Started by 4th July’ 2012 2012
21 Programme based on public interaction with the Ministers & their Bureaucrats of U.P Government titled “Bole U.P “started beaming by 29th Sep ’12 2012
22 A historic coverage of Kumbh Mela Allahabad which is considered the largest gathering on the earth. 2013
23 DD Lucknow became 24 hours channel on DTH platform (w.e.f. 16.8.13). 2013
24 Crop Seminar was organized to aware farmers about effect of climatic change by Agriculturer experts invited by Doordarshan on 26.02.2014 2014
25 All India Mushaira was organized om 24th March “14 at Ravindralay Lucknow. 2014
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